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Dear Readers: Want to know the most up-to-date figures on COVID-19? Look up the COVID Data Tracker on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website (www.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker). 

Here you'll find statistics on cases by age, race, gender and location, the cases in the last 30 days, deaths and vaccines administered, among lots of other information. Check it out. Not out of fear, but to be informed. 

And, as always, keep following the COVID protocols: frequent hand washing, social distancing (keep 6 feet away from others), wear a mask and stay home if you feel sick. - Heloise


Dear Readers: Want to do some research online? You'll need to find a webpage, which is merely a collection of information filed under a web address, also called a URL (uniform resource locator).

A URL, or web address, is normally styled as www.webpageexample.com. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: I was disappointed in your advice this week (Jan. 26) to those incurring bank overdraft charges. It seemed to be offering them comfort against the "evil banking industry." I wish that, instead, you had written about the reality.

The reality is that when a checking account is opened, the account holder agrees to the bank's terms and is issued a check register in which to record transactions. The account holder, therefore, has the means to know the account's balance. 

A transaction against an account without sufficient funds is a request that the bank advance its depositor's funds without collateral. The function of the overdraft fee is to cover the cost for advancing funds, to compensate for the funds that may never be repaid, and to encourage perpetrators to change their ways. - Sandy in Ventura, Calif.

Hey Sandy. You're right. Personal accountability is an important factor in responsible financial management. Thanks for your email. - Heloise


Dear Readers: If you accidentally send an email to the wrong person ("Reply All" anybody?), there may be a way out. Your email platform may have an "Unsend" (also called the Undo Send) function. 

This gives you typically 30 seconds or so to unsend or cancel the sent email. It could save some awkwardness on those video communication calls! Check it out before the next meeting. - Heloise

P.S. Usually it's only available on your desktop computer, and not your phone, and not all email providers offer this feature.


Dear Heloise: When I'm giving driving directions to someone, I always reference a landmark (a restaurant, store, the Alamo or the Tower of The Americas here in San Antonio) instead of a street name whenever possible. In my experience, people can relate better to a landmark than a street name. - Helen T. in San Antonio, Texas


Dear Readers: Since it's looking like masks will be here for the near future, it's time to emphasize those eyes! Groomed, neat eyebrows (a pro grooming might be a good first step), pretty bright eyeshadows and liners, lush lashes (maybe a subtle colored mascara), eye redness tamed and any undereye darkness concealed.

There's something about being put together that makes the day go better. - Heloise

P.S. Be sure to remove all makeup gently but thoroughly every night.

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