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Online bullying

Dear Heloise: Back in the day, bullying and intimidation by kids and classmates used to stop the minute a child stepped off the school bus. Today though, with social media, it can perpetuate.

Kids can post demeaning, humiliating and, most importantly, untrue things about classmates online, 24/7, for everyone to see.

This is why I take my kids' phones from them when they get home, and all of their activity is reviewed. I trust my kids, but I want to make sure they understand how much words matter. - Cindy W. in Illinois

Cindy, such an important lesson to learn. Thanks for your email. - Heloise


Dear Heloise: I want to warn your readers: When you send a screen shot of something to someone, any windows or files you have open, such as social media files and accounts, will show at the top of the screen shot in the form of their little icons. This shows details about your online presence.

This could leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Just be careful - close out those tabs before taking a screen shot. - Kevin R. in Texas


Dear Heloise: I am a senior citizen with disabilities. When I go into cafes or restaurants, most have armless chairs, making it difficult to get up, because the tables are high. I choose only restaurants or cafes that have chairs with arms. - Lauretta G., Papillion, Neb.


Dear Heloise: My mother always told me this hint that helps me save money: Wealthy people (not that we're wealthy) do not put themselves in a position where they are tempted to spend money - it used to be window shopping in the mall; today it's more like not visiting certain shopping websites online.

Sounds emotionally mature. I think I'll give it a whirl! - Sarah R. in Texas


Dear Heloise: My school has caught the upcycling trend. What's upcycling? It's making something new from an original item destined for the trash. The pages from books that are worn or damaged are so ready for upcycling.

The art department can use the pages from the books for art projects. If you have damaged and used books, consider donating them to schools! - Brayden W. in Ohio


Dear Heloise: When I park in a parking garage and plan to leave at night, I try to park as close to the exit as possible, not next to a van, if possible (you never know who could jump out of the van, although this is a long shot), and not in front of a pillar. 

These moves make for an easier exit at night when I'm by myself. - Helen T. in Texas


Dear Heloise: I read about the hint for keeping your mask with you. I keep my mask on my wrist along with one in my coat pocket, purse and car so I will have them at all times. - Hilda A., via email

Read on:

Dear Heloise: I keep my mask on my lanyard with my key fob for my car. I enjoy reading your column in The Advocate in Baton Rouge, La. - Sue D., via email

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