Super fun at Smallville celebration at Third Thursday

Jennifer Randall
Special to The News
Christopher Wietrick, KC McNeely and
Ben Eisiminger at Smallville Festival
Smallville Festival at Third Thursday

Make way for June’s Third Thursday and the Smallville celebration!

There will be SUPER activities with art and live music and the Annual Smallville Costume Contest. 

Smallville celebrations began back in 2012, when Christopher Wietrick, KC McNeely and Ben Eisiminger set up a Smallville information booth downtown at Gallery 7, during a May Third Thursday. The premise of this event was to tie in the overwhelming similarities of the story of Superman and Smallville to the Hutchinson, Kansas area. It didn’t take much to convince the community, as the evidence was plentiful. 

Wietrick explains three connections between the two, 

“In the TV series, the population of Smallville is 45,001. Hutchinson’s population is about 42,000.

In a graphic novel, “The Kents,” Smallville is settled on the Arkansas River. That could end the debate, as Hutchinson is the only town to be near both the population and the river. But, there’s one comparison that makes this indisputable.

In Action Comics #822, we see Clark and Lois driving to Smallville from Metropolis. If you map the route from Metropolis, Illinois, it’s quite stunning. The mileage sign shows Junction City, Salina, then Smallville. Smallville is 57 miles from Salina. Consider that Hutchinson is 55 miles from Salina, then add the first two comparisons. There is no other city in Kansas that can make this claim. 

Hutchinson fits the criteria in over 30 ways. Similarities appear in the comics, TV shows and movies. In June of 2013, came the first official proclamation that Hutchinson will become Smallville for a day. In 2014, the first Smallville Festival began, and the proclamation expanded to the weekend.

This Third Thursday, June 17th, we will continue to celebrate Smallville.

Starting at 5:30 p.m. in Chester Lewis Plaza, a reception will be held for those that have curated Smallville to be what it is today. First National Bank is sponsoring live music with the amazingly talented Kansas All Star Band, which features some of the best jazz performers and educators in the state of Kansas! Trickline performances and food trucks will also be setting up at Chester Lewis Plaza.

In DCI Park, the festivities also begin at 5:30 p.m. The Annual Superheroes Big and Small Costume Contest will be held from 5:30 - 6:30 pm, with winners announced at 6:45 pm. The contest, sponsored by Heartland Credit Union, is mostly geared toward kids, but adults are strongly encouraged to dress up as well! You may win something too! Additional activities, vendors, music and food trucks will be participating at DCI Park. 

The Smallville 5K run that usually takes place on Third Thursday will be held on Saturday morning at DCI Park.

Keep checking the Third Thursday Facebook Page for updated information: