Running away from the competition.

Stanton County High School’s harriers, both the boys and girls, completed their dominance of the High Plains League Thursday by winning team titles in both at the league cross country championship.

This year’s 5K course was at Syracuse’s Tamarisk golf course.

The Trojans’ Isaiah Barrera, in the boys race, and Chesney Peterson, in the girls race, each added another medal to their collections from the season, winning the individual titles.

Top 10 finishers in the boys race were, their placing and school:

1. Berrera, Stanton County

2. Damion Sanisteven, Cimarron

3. Justin Burman, Cimarron

4. Jareth Carrasco, Stanton County

5. Dominick Daniels, Lakin

6. KC Giancola, Syracuse

7. Edwin Garcia, Lakin

8. Spencer Schmidt, Stanton County

9.Branden Stanfield, Southwestern Heights

10. Lawson Beymer, Lakin


Other runners in the 40 person field and their placings include:

Stanton County: Ryan Wenman, 15; Uziel Carrasco, 18; and Colton Adams, 21.

Lakin: Shane Calvin, 13; Ty Davidson, 14; Hunter Davis, 22; and Ethan Horton, 27.

Cimarron: Cale Curtiss, 16; Zach Lopez, 20; Christian Harmon, 23; Zach Harmon, 30; and Aaron Garcia, 31.

Southwestern Heights: Bryant Oliver, 12; Sadler Hernandez, 19; Marcos Amparan, 24; Jared Hernandez, 28; Jose Alvidrez, 29; and Aden Puentes, 32.

Syracuse: Luke Finlay, 11; Jaren Luebbers, 17; Ian Brummett, 33; Michaeel Davis, 35; Uriel Ibarra, 38, and Tyrel Lynam, 40.

Sublette: Malachi Trevino, 25; and Tristan Friesen, 34.

Meade: Vance Shewey, 26; Arron Orr, 36; Kody Henson, 37; and Caleb Howard, 39.


Top 10 finishers in the girls race were, their placing and school:

1. Peterson, Stanton County

2. Suzanne Farnham, Stanton County

3. Madison Sutterfield, Meade

4. Ozia Trujillo, Southwestern Heights

5. Clara Bartlett, Cimarron

6. Peyton Peterson, Stanton County

7. Yanley Puentes, Southwestern Heights

8. Yessenia Ornelas, Stanton County

9. Yesenia Trejo, Southwestern Heights

10. Arlin Testa, Southwestern Heights


Other runners in the 36 person field and their placings include:

Stanton County: Caelyn Cook, 13; and Jordyn Tucker, 22.

Southwestern Heights: Anastasia Alvidrez, 11; Ashlyn Mendez, 12; and Dianna Olivera, 18.

Lakin: Jordan Ortiz, 14; Josiah Ortiz, 17; AnneSophie Vanderknapp, 19; Sara White, 25; Alondra Mendez, 26; and Marie Androge, 30.

Cimarron: Gracie Millershaski, 16; Brooklyn Buehler, 21; Cloe Bertelsen, 28; Claudia Elias, 32; and McKenzie Brock, 35.

Syracuse: Margo Stum, 20; Karen Solano, 23; Mirka Calderon, 27; Kylie Berzoza, 29; Amaya Ochs, 33; and Zyanya Burgos, 34.

Elkhart: Lakota Schultz, 15; and Koe Schultz, 24.

Meade: Alley Ross, 31; and Kyla Trujillo, 36.


Stanton County boys’ squad won the team title with 46 points.

Lakin finished in second with 49,; Cimarron in third with 64; Southwestern Heights in fourth with 90; and Syracuse finished in fifth place with 97 points.

In the girls’ team standings, Stanton County won the championship with 27 points.

Southwestern Heights finished in second with 36 points; Lakin in third with 90; Cimarron in fourth with 90; and Syracuse took fifth place with 118 points. Third and fourth place was decided by the team’s total time in the race, and the team’s average from that time.