Garden City High School’s Head Tennis Coach Rod Robinson mixed things up some Wednesday at Gardner, as many of his players switched what they had been playing, either it be singles or doubles, for the Gardner-Edgerton quadrangular.

The GCHS doubles teams faired the best on the day, each going 3-0 in their matches.

Carson Linenberger and Sage Riggs handled the No. 1 doubles slot. The Buffaloes defeated Gardner-Edgerton 8-7 (winning a 7-3 tie breaker), then Baldwin 8-4 and finished with a win over Perry-Lecompton 8-0.

In No. 2 doubles, the team of Hannah Kipp and Ashleigh Chappel began with an 8-6 win over Gardner-Edgerton, then had their toughest match of the day in a 8-7 win over Baldwin, including a 7-4 tie breaker, and concluded their day with an 8-0 win over Perry-Lecompton.

Garden City’s No. 1 singles player for the day, Carole Galia, went 2-1. Galia dropped her opening match to Gardner-Edgerton 0-8. The Buffalo bounced back and defeated Baldwin 8-6 and Perry-Lecompton 8-5.

In No. 2 singles, Brooke Ptacek went 1-1-1 on the day, opening with a 9-7 win, with a 10-8 tie breaker, over Gardner-Edgerton. She was defeated by Baldwin 1-8, then had a 4-4 draw with Perry-Lecompton.

The Buffaloes were in action Thursday at Hutchinson, but results were not available by press time. Garden City is in action on the road Saturday also, as the team travels to McPherson.