Large and imposing.

Garden City High School’s cross country team, and a pair of area schools, faced the imposing course at the Rim Rock Classic at Lawrence Saturday. It also boasts a large contingence of runners in each event.

The Buffalo boys squad ran in the Boys Crimson Varsity 5k race, finishing in seventh place as a team with 347 points. Shawnee Mission east won the event with 218 points.

“I’m proud of our runners!  Our boys team put themselves in great positions early in the race and kept sight of one another throughout the race, making us 1 of 4 top teams from Kansas in the Crimson division,” Head Coach Krista Linenberger said.

Ethan Fisher was the top finisher for Garden City, running the course in 16:55.2, to finish in the top 25 runners in 22nd place. The race had a total of 315 runners from 45 schools.

Other Buffalo boys team members, their placing and times are:

Santiago Nunez, 61st, 17:32.7; Brode Hoff, 63rd, 17:35.5; Devin Chappel, 91st, 17:50.6; Austin Hess, 115th, 18:06.1; Mario Bustillos, 156th, 18:26.7; and Evan Guerrola, 183, 18:48.2.

“It was good to have Mario back with us.  He’s going to have a little adjustment period I think, but he’s feeling good and I’m confident he’ll bounce back relatively quickly,” Linenberger said. “Ethan earned himself a medal and that’s always a great thing.”

In the Girls Crimson Varsity 5k, Garden City finished in 23rd place as a team with 561 points. Bishop Kelley won the event with 124 points.

The Buffaloes Jocelyn Sosa continued her strong season, having the top individual finish of any GCHS athlete, completing the course in 20:13.0 for 12th place. There were 258 runners in the event from 38 schools.

“On the girls side our freshman Jocelyn Sosa was not intimidated at all. She placed herself within the top 15 from the start and maintained that through the race for a 12th place finish, ‘ Linenberger said.

Other Garden City girls team members, their placing and times are:

Kiera Hageman, 79th, 21:36.0; Kaety Kohlhorst, 142nd, 22:47.0; Kalia Aubauer, 178th, 23:26.2; Destiny Avila, 186, 23:38.0; and Ana Casados, 217, 24:19.4.

“Kiera Hagmen also had a great run for her first time on the course. Our girls team struggled a little bit to put ourselves in better spots early on in the race,” Linenberger said. “It’s just hard to climb back in very far on this particular Rim Rock course. We ran well, just need to find that ability to be closer to our front two early on and hold on to that.”

In the smaller schools divisions, the Boys Blue Varsity 5k, Scott City finished in ninth place as a team with 327 points, and Holcomb at 18th with 503 points. Girard won the event with 175 points. The were 43 schools represented in the race, comprised of 311 runners.

Two Scott City runners finished in the top 25 of the race. The Beavers’ Eric Frances completed the race in 17:36.7 for 14th place, and Jaxson Kough finished in 20th place with a time of 17:45.9.

Holcomb’s top finisher in the race was Braxton Sizemore. Sizemore ran the course in 18:06.2, for 34th place.

Other Scott City boys team members, their placings, and times are:

Roberto Apodaca, 55th, 18:35.1; Eric Shapland, 116th, 19:21.4; Freddy Castillo, 152nd, 19:52.5; and Henry Aguilar, 199th, 20:26.8.

Other Holcomb boys team members, their placings, and times are:

Cooper Autry, 117th, 19:22.8; Jackson Stoppel, 126th, 19:32.4; Derek Mesa, 129, 19:36.4; Zack Penka, 141, 19:44.9; Erick Almaraz, 169th, 20:00.9; and Daegan VanPelt, 197th, 20:20.6.

In the Girls Blue Varsity 5k, Scott City finished in 17th place as a team with 424 points. Eudora won the event with 74 points. There were 240 runners in the race, representing 32 schools.

Holcomb had no team in the race.

Scott City runners, their placing, and times are:

Kairae Berry, 68th, 23:06.7; Samantha Aguilar, 145th, 25:03.1; Alivia Noll, 153rd, 25:11.2; and Claire Rumford, 159th, 25.22.4.

Garden City’s squads will be back in action on Friday, when they travel to Colorado Springs.