The Scott City Beavers finished their season undefeated with Friday’s 43-20 win over Concordia.

But there’s two problems with that for Scott City.

One, the 20 points was the most the Beavers’ defense had given up all season. And two, the Scott City program does not play football for undefeated regular seasons. It’s state titles the Beavers (8-0) have in their sights.

The first step in pursuit of that goal is Friday’s 7 p.m. kick-off vs. visiting Nickerson (2-6) — though, the Beavers are not treating the state playoff opener any differently than any other game.

“We just approach it the same way we always do,” Scott City head coach Jim Turner said Wednesday.

That’s made easier with how disappointed Turner was with the Beavers’ effort against Concordia.

“We didn’t play very physically, for one,” Turner said. “We’ve done that two years in a row against Concordia. We just didn’t do the basics on defense, and our defensive line was not attacking the offensive line.”

Though, the offense played well, behind the 22nd and 23rd rushing touchdown of Wyatt Hayes’ season, and two passing touchdowns and a rushing score from Parker Gooden.

But Turner wants his defense — which allowed just 4.4 points per game in the first seven games — to get back on track. To do that, the Beavers will have to be focused, and ignore that the Panthers are 2-6 and probably significantly overmatched.

“I think with our seniors, we just kind of ignore their record,” Turner said. “Anybody can beat anybody. With it being playoffs, that’s enough motivation.”

Turner said Nickerson’s starting quarterback is also hurt, but Hunter Jones is dangerous in the backfield.

“I think with the good back back there, they can be fairly explosive,” he said.

For the offense, the Beavers may have another advantage in that the Nickerson defense is similar to the scheme Concordia runs — a 5-2, Turner said.

“Some people call it a 3-4, but this is probably the second or third time all year we’ll see a nose-guard,” Turner said.

Unless that nose guard turns out to be Aaron Donald, the Beavers will not have to worry about it much.

According to, Scott City is the top rated Class 3A team, and Nickerson is No. 33.