There will be a record number of entries competing in the three-day Garden City Tenns Open that gets under way at 9 a.m. Friday at the Garden City High School Tennis Complex.

That, according to tournament director Heather Kneeland, will include 41 men's and 28 women's singles entries that will compete in Friday's opening day.

Men's and women's doubles competition will be played Saturday, also with a 9 a.m. start while Sunday's final day will be comprised of mixed doubles teams.

In the men's singles competition, there are 11 entries in the Open division, 16 in the A group, 9 in B and 5 in C for a total of 41 entries. In the women's singles the breakdown is Open (4), A (9), B (6) and C (9) for a total of 28 entries. Logan Bevis and Shai Cartmill are the defending champions in the men's and women's Open divisions and are again entered.

Saturday's men's doubles will see 27 teams compete in four divisions with the breakdown being Open (11), A (10), B (4) and C (2). The women's doubles will also have four divisions, with team entries in the Open (5), A (4), B (5) and C (5). There are 27 men's and 19 women's doubles teams.

Sunday's final day of mixed doubles will see a total of 27 teams vying for four different divisional titles. There are six teams in the Open, 9 in A, 8 in B and 4 in C.