(TNS) — Kansas shooting guard Lagerald Vick, who announced plans to enter the 2018 NBA draft on April 6, removed his name from the draft pool prior to Wednesday's deadline, his mom, La La Vick, told The Star on Friday.

Vick, a 6-foot-5, 175-pound shooting guard from Memphis, who averaged 12.2 points and 4.8 rebounds a game his junior season at KU, is unsure of his next step, La La Vick said.

“He’s looking into the G-League (where he could play a year then enter the draft),” she told The Star, indicating playing overseas would not be an option as Vick wants to help raise his daughter in the U.S.

She did not rule out a return to KU — or perhaps another school — though pursuing that possibility was not the reason for pulling out of the draft, she said. And there are no plans right now to check into that option, she indicated. The only option Vick has mentioned to her at this time is the G-League, La La Vick stated.

“Coach (Bill) Self is busy (coaching USA Basketball under-18 team). I don’t want to bother him. He’s focusing on something else. At some point I’m going to give coach a call. Lagerald will give him a call. He’s a man and I tried to raise him to learn to do things for yourself, speak for yourself,” La La Vick stated.

She said she is very active on Twitter and Facebook and would definitely be willing to communicate with coaches from other schools regarding a possible transfer.

However, La La Vick does not know if college ultimately will be in her son’s plans.

“Right now it’s just praying to see what God is going to do right now,” she said. “I’m just relying on faith. Lagerald is still working hard. He has a strength coach that he’s working with here (Memphis) that he’s worked with since he was a kid.”

La La Vick said emphatically her son has not signed with an agent. She said emphatically that Vick is eligible to play college ball this season. If he decided to attend a school other than KU, Vick would have to sit out a season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules.

If he has no agent, Vick would not be eligible to be taken in the 2018 NBA draft but would be able to play for a G-League team and enter the 2019 draft, an NBA official told The Star. If he has an agent, he would be eligible to be taken in the June 21 NBA draft even though he’s removed his name from the draft pool, the NBA official said.

Vick has not had any individual workouts with NBA teams. He was not invited to the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago last month but recently attended a draft combine at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

“I don’t know if anybody talked to Lagerald; they did not talk to me,” La La Vick said of NBA officials assessing Vick’s game at this time. “I was kind of following (reports) that said he was the No. 1 shooter there. He did real well. His three-point shot is getting better. His work ethic is great. He’s still working very hard.

“He will play in the NBA some day,” she continued. “If he wants to be an NBA player, he’ll be an NBA player. Prayer works. He has a strong prayer (team) behind him.”