Garden City Community College has filed a notice of appeal to the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference regarding the sanctions levied against the college’s volleyball program, stemming from a former player living in Athletic Director John Green’s house.

The sanctions were numerous, including a loss of two scholarships for each of the next two seasons, forfeiture of all wins from 2017 season and a ban on postseason play for 2018.

The sanctions were levied against the college on May 9, after the college reported to the KJCCC that former Broncbuster volleyball player Shaney Tiumalu lived with Green, free of charge, during the summer of 2017, a violation of KJCCC and NJCAA rules, according to KJCCC President Alysia Johnston.

The college, through attorney Randy Grisell, confirmed that Tiumalu lived at Green’s house from sometime in mid-June to the end of July 2017.

However, the college is appealing those sanctions, Grisell said on Friday.

Johnston said Friday a written appeal had been filed with the conference Executive Committee, and it will “hopefully rule on the appeal by the end of June.”

Grisell did not provide a comment on the appeal from the college when asked, and did not provide details of the appeal Friday.

The college had previously written a letter to the conference, responding to the conference’s request for information. The letter detailed concerns the college had with the conference’s position that GCCC had violated conference bylaws. A copy of that letter was given to The Telegram by Grisell.

In it, the college claims that Green did not know that Tiumalu living in his house for two months would be a violation of conference bylaws.

KJCCC schools have not been allowed to provide room and board to student-athletes up until the upcoming fall, when new conference rules will go into effect.

In addition, KJCCC bylaws may not overrule NJCAA bylaws, and the NJCAA bylaw (C.4), found on the NJCAA website, states “housing arrangements of any type with any member of the athletic staff or any individuals representing the athletic interests of a member institution are not permitted.”

The college also claimed that Tiumalu was staying at Green’s house to “housesit” while Green was in Casper, Wyo., for the College National Finals Rodeo, and while he was on “annual leave” from the college.

Grisell said it was an offer for Tiumalu.

Tiumalu’s attorney, Jean Lamfers, denied that claim by the college, instead saying that Tiumalu was instructed to live at Green’s. Lamfers also said Tiumalu was instructed to say she was staying with then-Broncbuster Athletic Association president Jami Kilgore.

When reached for comment in recent weeks, Kilgore denied knowledge of any kind regarding Tiumalu’s living situation.

“I had nothing to do with that situation,” Kilgore said.

She said no college representatives ever asked her to house Tiumalu, nor asked her to claim that Tiumalu lived with her.

“I am appalled at the whole situation,” Kilgore said.

And Kilgore said, as of May 18, no GCCC representative had spoken with her regarding Tiumalu’s claim.