100m: Trish Wilkerson, Stanton Co.;11.80;1974

200m: Ida Tuttle, Garden City;24.90;1977

200m: Charmane Smith, Dighton;24.90;1973

400m: Ida Tuttle, Garden City;56.60;1979

800m: Laura Ostmeyer, Garden City;2:16.40;1985

1600m: Katie Fletcher, Lakin;5:02.56;1988

3200m: Jill Wood, Ulysses;11:06.00;1986

100m H: Kelsey Martin, Holcomb;14.48;2007

300m H: Megan McClain, Lakin;44.07;2001

4x100 relay: Garden City;49.00;1993/2010

4x400 relay: Garden City;3:55.10;1977

4x800 relay: Garden City;9:32.63;2014

High jump: Kim Warner, Garden City;5-8;1983

High jump: Cinda Jones, Stanton Co.;5-8;1991

High jump: Janeen Garetson, So. Gray;5-8;1993

Pole vault: Erica Culver, Garden City;11-0;2004

Pole vault: Yvonne Calzonetti, Garden City;11-0;2001

Long jump: LaTaish Brown, Garden City;20-2/12;2006

Triple jump: Deandra Doubrava, Scott City;39-21/4;1994

Shot put: Jordan Speer, Dighton;46-91/2; 2017

Discus: Maria Guerrero, Garden City;149-10;1990

Javelin: Shalee Lehning, Sublette;147-5;2005


100m: Jeff Unruh, So. Gray;10.25;2002

200m: Roger Timken, Cimarron;20.7;1966

400m: Lawrence Tolbert, Garden City;48.10;1984

800m: Jared Storm, Scott City;1:53.56;1989

1600m: Chris Perez, Lakin;4:12.8;1971

3200m: Chris Perez, Lakin;9:16.2;1971

110mH: Jonathan DuVall, Garden City;13.89;2013

300mH: Jonathan DuVall, Garden City;38.14;2013

4x100 relay: Holcomb;42.50;2018

4x400 relay: Ulysses;3:20.40;1972

4x800 relay: Ulysses;8:05.70;2000

High jump: Jason Archibald, Garden City;7-31/4;1995

Pole vault: Marshall Faurot, Scott City;16-0;2018

Long jump: Tate Annis, Ulysses;23-2;2013

Triple jump: Robert Culver, Cimarron;46-0;1975

Shot put: Ian Rudzik, Ulysses;62-7;2016

Discus: Ian Rudzik, Ulysses;186-0;2016

Javelin: Rick Yakel, Lakin;213-5;1976

Note: Marks reflect information provided by area schools for each school’s records. Marks are also from the KSHSAA state track meet record book. In 1979, the KSHSAA and NFSHS switched to metric times. Times before then have been converted used the recommended tables approved by KSHSAA and NFSHS.