The presidential election on Nov. 3rd is probably the most important election in my lifetime, and its outcome will affect my children, my grandchildren and future generations forever.

Do you want the Party of Saul Alinsky (Radical Left Wing Democrat/Socialist Party) running this country? Not me. This Far Left Party's Rules for Radicals include: (1) Control health care; (2) Increase the number of poor people, because they are easier to control; (3) Increase the debt because then you can increase taxes, and thus produce more poverty and more dependence on government; (4) Take away people's guns, making them less able to defend themselves from government; (5) Make people dependent on the government for everything — food, housing, and income; (6) Education — government control of what school children read and learn; (7) Religion — remove God (and all references to Him) from schools and government; and (8) Class Warfare — create chaos by pitting the rich vs. the poor and using the "race card" to create divisions.

Some skeptics will say that I am greatly exaggerating the seriousness of this upcoming election, but I am not.

This Nov. 3rd, you can vote for the Democrat Party — the Party of "lawlessness" that refuses to even condemn Antifa and other anarchist groups that are hellbent on looting, vandalism, destruction and arson OR you can vote for President Trump and the Republican Party — the Party of "law and order" that wants to provide for your safety and protection.

Ron Etchison, Ellsworth