To the editor:

Recently, Nancy Pelosi severely criticized President Trump for, in her view, incompetent management of the COVID-19 crisis. Chuck Schumer agreed and added this complaint to his daily speech on how bad Trump is as a leader and a person.

Pelosi hopes to investigate Trump’s mismanagement and possibly impeach him prior to the election. She would love to wind Adam Schiff up and turn him loose on the project.

Nancy is utilizing her hindsight, which she believes is 20-20, to suggest things Trump could and should have done. An example is that he delayed taking actions that might have saved thousands of American lives. He didn’t have several million masks and tens of thousands of ventilators ready to distribute immediately. He waited until March to recommend mitigation.

Hindsight often exposes mistakes. My own hindsight is better than most people’s, in my opinion. For example, President Wilson’s impulsive decision to jump into the Great War resulted in the loss of about 160,000 young American men. Hitler’s decision to invade Russia in 1941 was the worst choice he could have possibly made. Apparently, he wasn’t a history major and didn’t know about Napoleon’s invasion disaster in 1812.

Trump waited too long to stop travel from China. He knew the disease was contagious at least 10 days before he gave the order. Actually, we should have ended travel from China around the year 1840. We should have stopped travel from Africa around 1700. The aboriginal Indians should have stopped travel from Europe from 1492 on.

It has long been my belief that humans don’t do well with decisions on issues more complicated than whether to have cheese on a hamburger. Given several choices, we unerringly pick the worst. I developed this theory after a comprehensive review of my own choices.

Knowing what we know now, that coronavirus rarely affects the young, that it kills a very small percentage of those infected, I can now clearly see how we should have handled the pandemic. We should have isolated and protected the elderly and those with serious pre-existing conditions. We should have allowed everything else to remain normal.  That’s actually what we’re currently shooting for in restarting the economy.

It’s reassuring to know that Pelosi and Schumer are always ready with their hindsight to analyze President Trump’s actions, but disturbing to know they are powerful politicians who totally lack foresight in their own choices.