Susan Wagle and her Republican colleagues again have demonstrated their hypocritical commitment to the value of life in overturning Gov. Kelly's order limiting the number of people in church services during this pandemic.

Wagle and her friends are trying to score political points against the governor. But what they’re really doing is endangering the lives and health of churchgoers in question. We all need to be focused on physical distancing as Kansas is about to reach a tipping point with cases of COVID-19.

The claim that Kelly's order violates a constitutional right is somewhere on a continuum between weak and absurd. I would suggest that Wagle and her colleagues take more seriously the value of human life. Perhaps they might, in the spirit of Easter, donate some time to working in a hospital to help those who are suffering from this coronavirus.

Maybe then they might appreciate how making political points against the governor pales in comparison with the gravity of this pandemic.

Eugene F. Bales, Lindsborg