While I understand that community and faith are especially important in this time, the need for social distancing as a preventative means to ensure protection of the lives of Kansans is greater.

By overruling the governor’s decision after three weeks, you muddy communication. People who are eager to leave their homes, be reunited with their friends and family, and reconnect with their community may mistakenly take this to mean that they are safe. This choice puts lives at risk. Easter is a sacred time, I understand. I was raised in a family of faith. However, we must also believe the lives of Kansans are sacred, as well, and strive to protect that sentiment.

To fully understand the potential danger that is faced, we can look within our own state at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation, where there has been an explosion of (currently) 56 positive cases of COVID 19 and 4 deaths as a result.

Please, I urge you reconsider this move and honor the role you were elected to in serving our citizens.

Jeannie Harper, Bonner Springs