Your March 17 editorial flatly states: “No one in Kansas is culpable for this outbreak.” That is not entirely true. President Trump is 100% culpable, in that an adequate response in December or January could have contained this epidemic — as has been done in a few other countries. And therefore Sens. Moran and Roberts are also culpable, because they failed to vote to impeach Trump.

Trump’s incompetence to handle any national emergency was an open secret. While I hate Vice President Pence’s anti-science views, he has enough competence to avoid most of Trump’s counterproductive actions. Pence should have been put in charge.

Moran and Peters need to mitigate their culpability by calling on Trump to relinquish all control over COVID-19 policy and public information to the CDC, and give them all needed power and money to organize an effective and nonpolitical response. Despite some missteps (ordered by Trump) the CDC remains the only government agency widely trusted to lead the job.

Your editorial also states: “pointing at others ... likely will not serve us.” Given that the failed leader of our crisis remains in control, that advice makes no sense.

If you doubt my claims about incompetence, please consult any published epidemiologist.

David Burress, Lawrence