Now is not the time to play politics! Kansas and the US are reaching a crisis of monumental proportions. Gov. Kelly has stepped forward to boldly establish steps to handle the coronavirus in Kansas.

It is essential that drastic measures be implemented in order to meet a drastic crisis head on. This includes such issues as closing schools to limit human contact, preventing foreclosures to keep from forcing individuals out of their home, and working through countless other issues.

The charge is that the governor overstepped her authority. My friends, in times of crisis, it takes someone to come forward and take necessary action. These are unprecedented times and it takes urgent action to get the job done. Earlier pigeonholing of health-related bills in committee was nothing more than partisan politics!

This included the expansion of state Medicaid. Now the issue has grown to ridiculous heights as urgent issues need to be handled and childish bickering stopped! Partisan politics has no place in this time of grave emergency when human lives are at stake!

Sandra Powell, Topeka