Pompeo is a war criminal

Let's get one thing straight. Mike Pompeo isn't concerned with truth, justice or the democratic process. Drama surrounding the impeachment process aside, Pompeo's an opportunist warhawk who supports fascist U.S.-backed regime change in Bolivia and Venezuela.

He recently recalled post-coup violence in Bolivia, "democracy." This isn't democracy; the Coup is an attack on indigenous autonomy of lands, resources, particularly Bolivia's mineral and oil economy. Warhawks like Pompeo have their eyes and deep pockets on privatizing the lithium-rich country's resources for American stakeholders.

His historic investment in the military industrial complex stems from commissioning in the Army as an officer, eventually moving on to create Thayer Aerospace, an aircraft part manufacturer that conducted business with blood-soaked corporations that supplied bombs in Yemen for the Saudi Coalition, such as Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon Aircraft. Next time someone says that Mike Pompeo is trustworthy, remember the 50,000 children in Yemen who died of starvation due to the Saudi Coalition in 2017. Imagine if that was your kid. Would you trust him now?

Democracy doesn't happen by us relying on the so-called "honesty" and "benevolence" of the elites. It requires direct participation from the public. When will we be morally brave enough to denounce war criminals like Pompeo? Probably at the same time we start believing the 25 women who say Trump sexually assaulted them before actually electing another rapist misogynist.

In solidarity with the workers of the world.

Hannah Jones, Manhattan