Democracy depends on action

America is a beautiful land with its picturesque mountains, rollicking lakes and beautiful fields of food for our nation of people assimilated from every country in the world. Whatever happened to the land of opportunity? Today we supposedly have no room for people seeking asylum from oppression unless they are professionals. I’ve never seen such divisiveness until the President started blaming others for devastating mistakes he has made: trade, immigration, diplomacy, environment and health care. The Mueller report stated Russian interfered with 2016 election because they would benefit with Trump as president. They paid social media to damage Clinton with false BOTS. It worked!

The majority of Americans are not racist because we are descendants of immigrants the world over or were brought here against their will or native Americans who were the original inhabitants of America. The Civil War was fought to guarantee that all people have freedom and personal rights and are created equal. But today white supremacists still protest with hatred and bigotry. Our democracy believes people rule by elected representatives. We have gone through a extremely difficult 2 1/2 years, but we can change this together by encouraging Mitch McConnelll to bring voting rights bills before Congress to the floor for a vote getting eligible voters to the polls in 2020.

Our democracy depends on it.

B. Jean Taylor, Topeka