Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Salina Facebook: Woman, 71, fatally stabbed

Cheryl DeWald Itschner: Such a senseless tragedy to such a sweet lady. She will be missed

Patty A. Robben: Can’t believe this is our beloved Scout craft lady Linda Kromer She will be “Greatly” missed Have been friends in Scouting for almost 40 years. Prayer go out for her and her family


Hutchinson News Facebook: Woman gets probation after six meth and oxy sales in 10 days

Maryellen Sapp: May she find peace and forgiveness only God can give. If she dying the state doesn’t want to take care of her.

Sherrie Richards: How do you expect hutch to clean up when repeat offenders always get off easy.

Jason Rose: Repeat drug dealer... Lack of criminal history... What? Seems that being caught dealing drugs, multiple times = you have a criminal history


Hays Daily News Facebook: Possible half-cent sales tax for EMS, road and bridge

Kim Lyon: Work together and use the roundabout money where it’s needed

Charles Patterson: VOTE NO.


Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: Bicycle bandit returns to scene of crime

Laura Samford: The revolving door is spinning so fast he's probably out already. Isn't healthy for a community.

Byron Shultz: 5 arrests in August alone, c’mon judge, does he really need to be released again? If so give him your home address, you need to feel what these victims are feeling.


Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: Ford County sheriff urges caution with Next Door

Jennifer Anderson: Very useful for reaching people in your area for lost animals, missing items, etc. In KC, it’s also used by city government and police to distribute community alerts and info.

Brittny Elder: Download the app from the App Store and you’ll know you’re giving your information to the right place. It’s a very useful app.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Shawnee County Drug Task Force

Lisa J Sublett: What about medical cannabis patients? With all of the change, there are now 34 legal states, and Kansas is now surrounded by legal states? Will Shawnee County continue to prosecute and persecute those using for medical reasons?

Deborah Vining Edwards: I know where an almost open air drug market is I have offered to let the authorities have use of my property to observe it for themselves They seem disinterested


Aetna apologizes for failure to abide by $1B Medicaid contract

Nick Woods: When will Aetna return the monies lost to the State of Kansas? Are they going to pay to help restore all the Kansas people who lost health insurance due to Aetna's failure to abide by the Medicaid contract?

Richard Johnson: Thankfully some law makers stopped senseless spending by allowing more money put into a poorly ran operation.

Lyle Jackson: Well you know as long as they said they’re sorry

Aaric Pelc: Apologies? What about giving our money back?