I decided to declutter a bookshelf and started reading the Western paperbacks I had started to collect in the '60s. When reading I came across this sentence: "Greed and ambition, ambition and greed, to have more, more land, more money, more power."

The problem is availability. Wanting more is infinite. Land, money and power are limited. In order to get more you must take it from someone else.

The stories took place in the late 1800s. Nesters were burned out creating refugees. Small ranchers were accused of rustling, lyched or imprisoned. Dry gulching. Cut the head off and it will die. Single out the strongest around and smash him. Then all the weaker crowd will come to heel like lambs.

They used propaganda, character assassination, a word here, a word there, swaying the public opinion for themselves and against their target.

At this time we have Putin, leader of communist Russia, accused of meddling with our 2016 election. He admits he did not want Hillary Clinton as president. A stronger democracy in America would mean a strong European Union and NATO, a weaker democracy in America could cause the fall of the European Union and NATO making it easier for Putin to get back his lost satellite countries and perhaps he would get more land and power than before. Why is our President Donald Trump talking up Putin and other tyrants and bullies and denigrating our democratic allies?

In America we are sinking to the level of the Magna Carta where only the upper 10 percent had rights. Star Parker wrote an article that appeared on the Opinion page. She implied the "left" was materialistic and the "right" was spiritual because the "right" is pro-life. On "CBS This Morning," a doctor was interviewed. She said, "Doctors want the FDA to review the chemicals put into food and into the packaging food is put into. The better science of today because they believe the chemicals may be affecting the development of the unborn child and further development of the born child. Regulations are being reduced by the FDA and the EPA for the "bottom line." Less regulations more profit (greed and ambition), the Republicans are the materialistic. If you are going to brag about democracy you should vote for those who actually believe in democracy and not those who exploit and defile it.


JO NELSON, Solomon