What in the world is going on at our community college? If it has become a circus, we need to relegate it to the south 40 and quit supporting it. 

A few things from a not so casual but interested party:

1) Poor Leonard Hitz. He seems to have voluntarily walked into a buzz saw. Accusations against him are just door-knob dumb. (I do not know the man.) Nobody would stand on a graduation stage and molest the graduates, girls or boys. And he apparently has some valid points about affairs at the college.

2) Newspaper reports indicate that some nepotism exists. Maybe justified. Small community. Get good people where you can.

3) Most importantly, the Board of Trustees put themselves forward as decision makers. They are not doing their job. Cases in point: a) Swender b) Accreditation c) Faculty report d) KC lawyer.

Swender is obviously not a leader, he has lost accreditation and the troops are not behind him. Board of Trustees, it is your move.

KC lawyer, Board of Trustees you were elected to oversee operations. You have a local lawyer. You both need to do your jobs — without leaning on your taxing authority for support.


Garden City