As a former board member of 12 years, serving 3 1/2 years as president of the Broncbuster Athletic Association, and as a concerned community member, I am appalled that Garden City Community College Athletic Director John Green has not been terminated for the KJCAA sanctions brought down on the volleyball program for his blatant rules violations.

That he claimed he wasn't aware of the rules he personally broke is unbelievable to me because the first time I met Green on the GCCC campus before becoming A.D., he told me of all his experience dealing with the NJCAA national office as a Region 5 director and conference commissioner. He was sold to us by Herb Swender at Green's press conference saying, "John Green brings with him a wealth of experience and understanding of the NJCAA — arguably the most experience in the state of Kansas.” He also listed on his résumé at Clarendon College one of his duties as conference commissioner was "Enforcement of all rules and regulations of the NJCAA." They, by the way, let him go, as well as the before Clarendon, Frank Phillips College.

So for him to claim that he didn't know and then expect everyone to believe him, including the conference leadership (who obviously did not), is offensive to me. Given these facts, I urge everyone in this community who agrees to share with the Board of Trustees their outrage and to persuade them to do their duty and act now and have Green fired.

I know of coaches being fired for far less reason. How can Green do his duties as the A.D. and oversee the current coaching staff, including himself as head golf "coach,” telling them to follow the rules when he clearly doesn't. Our coaches DESERVE BETTER.

Then there are the cheerleaders whose claims of sexual harassment for 3 1/2 years by the cheer coach with nothing being done about it under A.D. Green’s watch, until eight BRAVE young women and two community members came forward to demand Brice Knapp’s removal. To this day, some of these people are being or have been retaliated against.

There is only one reason Green still has his job — he is being protected by Herb Swender. Anywhere else, this kind of conduct would have resulted in him being fired. Enough is Enough! GCCC is being damaged in so many ways by this president and athletic director. The trustees must act and do the right thing. Better yet, Green and Swender should resign so GCCC and this community can start on the long road to recovery and return GCCC to what it once was, a statewide and nationally RESPECTED institution.


Garden City

Mark Douglass is a 1973 graduate of GCCC.