I do not know all of the circumstances and events at Garden City Community College that have resulted in much negative publicity for the college and Dr. Herbert Swender. I write to share with you that I have known him for almost 20 years, since I served as professor and director of the Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas at Austin and during my past six years as president of the Roueche Graduate Center, National American University, located here in Austin.

Dr. Swender is known nationally for his leadership in helping his community’s college focus on quality service to the larger community and to serve as its “preferred learning provider.” No president cares more about student success and achievement than he, and I know he has been much respected and valued by his faculties here in Texas and in Garden City. As I indicated earlier, I don’t know much about the current controversy at GCCC, but am more than dismayed at the national attention now focused on the college and Dr. Swender. 

With every good wish, 



Austin, Texas