Do the chairman and college board of trustees have their heads buried in the sand? Aren’t they aware of what has been taking place the last few months? Staff resigning abruptly and leaving town. Is it lack of interest or indifference that has created a hostile environment for the faculty? Besides being a “yes” board to Swender, don’t any of the board communicate with the faculty?

Secondly, whose decision and what data was used to eliminate the ammonia program, with no explanation given? People from all areas of the country were investing in our community with their income. GCCC and businesses were benefiting with this program. Another of Swender's “whims” or lack of knowledge of its benefit. I was under the impression that the task of the board is to be aware and know all the functions of the college. And, foremost, communicate with faculty.

As a taxpayer, it’s frustrating to learn of what is happening at GCCC. Our college is and has been an asset to this community. The latest events have put GCCC at jeopardy and are harming our students. People, our tax dollars are going down the drain. It’s time to clean house from the top, to every level that allowed this to happen. Our students come first, and we owe them to clean up this mess.


Garden City