My first reaction after reading the by-line (“Anonymous email accuses trustee of inappropriate behavior toward female graduates”) in the May 19, 2018, edition of The Garden City Telegram concerning Leonard Hitz was “Oh my gosh! Seriously! You’ve got to be kidding!” Anyone who knows Leonard Hitz knows that the accusation in this article is the farthest thing from the truth!

I met Leonard in 1987 and soon after learned that he was and continues to be a dedicated loyal supporter of Garden City Community College. He was a member of the Broncbuster Athletic Association, a basketball scorekeeper and a bus driver for student-athletes delivering them safely to and from their activities for many years. He built a trust between and sincere caring for these students. His dedication to the college and its students encouraged him to run for college trustee, a position which he now holds.

The author of the article states “I have (sat on the sidelines and) watched the bravery of a few young women come forward…” I admire all who come forward to make the truth be known. Anyone, though, who makes an anonymous accusatory statement toward an individual is anything but brave, and I question his or her motive in doing so.

Leonard Hitz is a credit to Garden City Community College, to the city of Garden City and to much more. He comes forward to represent goodness in his faith, in his love of family and friends, in his work ethic, in his cowboy poetry, and in his support of all military as a former Marine … I admire Leonard’s bravery in his endeavors to support the college.


Garden City