Back on Jan. 28, an article was posted about a young girl named Autumn who experiences seizures as a result of being diagnosed with a serious form of epilepsy. Autumn’s mother, Christine Gordon, shared that her daughter is out of traditional medical treatment options. They previously experimented with cannabinoid oil, with THC, resulting in Autumn experiencing zero seizures.

I wanted to bring this back to the attention of the public because since that date, Congress has neglected, yet again, to move two bills (HB 2348 and SB 187), the Kansas Safe Access Act, to a hearing. Families like the Gordons will have to wait yet another year hoping that advocacy and awareness building from Kansas’ communities will be enough to influence a change in heart with Kansas legislatures.

March 26 was National Epilepsy Awareness Day. In efforts to respond to Congress’ lack of attention to an alternative medical treatment, and to support thousands of children, 4,400 in Kansas to be exact, I believe it is crucial to recognize the importance of commemorating this national day. This year, 2018, is the year to begin conversations about challenging those in political power to stand with 76 percent of Kansans that support legalization of medicinal marijuana.

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