In 2014, I supported Greg Orman in his run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Pat Roberts. I supported him because Roberts was failing Kansas families and change was necessary. But in that two-man race, Orman lost by 10 percentage points. And part of the problem was no one seemed to know what Orman stood for or what a vote for him would mean for Kansas.

I am extremely disappointed Orman decided to run for governor this year. Despite supporting him in 2014, I will absolutely not support him this year. And I am not alone in this change. There are strong candidates with real solutions running for governor — and Orman is not one of them.

In his recent announcement, Orman said a lot of nice, vague things. He tried to play on our frustration with Washington, D.C., and gridlock we see there. But he forgot that in 2016, Kansans demanded change. We elected a wave of new faces to the Kansas Legislature with a mandate to stop Gov. Sam Brownback and go in a new direction.

Through bi-partisan cooperation, the Legislature reversed the Brownback tax plan and put our state on the road to recovery. There is a lot more work to do, but progress is being made.

Other candidates for governor have been leading the fight against the Brownback/Colyer agenda for years and standing up for our families. All while Orman went on a national book tour and made appearances on national television shows.

Other candidates have been fighting for our public schools, pushing for better healthcare, encouraging investment in roads, helping businesses grow and demanding more transparency in state government. They have been offering real, concrete solutions.

Meanwhile, Orman has been planning his next political move.

In 2008, he filed as a Democrat to run for the U.S. Senate. Then in 2012, he planned to run against Kevin Yoder in the Third Congressional District. Then in 2014, he ran as an Independent for U.S. Senate, got the Democrat to drop out of the race, and lost anyway. And now, he is running for governor. Do you see a pattern? I do.

The fact is, Orman only wants what’s best for Orman.

After having Brownback as governor for seven years, Kansans have had enough of politicians putting their personal political agenda before the best interests of our kids and families.

I will support a candidate who has the best solutions to our state’s challenges — regardless whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent. Independent thinking is about offering independent ideas, not having an "I" behind your name. 

We all believe Kansas’ best days are ahead of us. This fall, Kansans must demand real solutions and real answers. This election will impact our future for decades to come. I encourage Kansans to look for a real champion for our families. Vote for a candidate with a proven record of fighting on behalf of Kansas — not Greg Orman.

Janis K. Lee,