Lately, people have been asking Kansas Rep. Steve Alford to resign, because of comments he made. Although most people do not agree with what he said, and I am glad he resigned from some committees, I do not believe he needs to resign. First, he apologized nicely. Second, every person has said something stupid in their life. And we have been corrected, and we have learned from it. That is normal life! That is part of learning. Third point, obviously Mr. Alford had heard those statements in his past. And he believed what he said was true. That is freedom of speech.

Although his statements were definitely not politically correct, I do believe in freedom of speech. I am tired of people being fired because they say something wrong. What happened to our freedom of speech? What happened to forgiveness? I am especially disappointed when Christians don't want to forgive. Accept his apology, and let us all move on wiser.