In reference to the article in the Saturday edition of The Garden City Telegram, the subject concerning the “already signed and sent by the Kansas House of Representatives: ‘House Bill #2042,’” this is “Rushed Thru Legislation.” And apparently it hasn't been done with too much thought or deliberations. I would approach this piece of legislation with great caution as it does appear to me that it may cause more problems than it solves.

Myself, having stocked a firearms specialty store for over 43 years, I have not yet been notified by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Division of the Treasury Department that it is yet even legal to transfer or sell a handgun to anyone under the age of 21, and yes that does also include a legal alien. Also, long guns are legal to sell or transfer to anyone that does not have a disabling criteria (or the expungement thereof prior to that sale or transfer) at the age of 18 for long guns, age 21 for handguns.

This law was written in 1934 and amended to its more or less original form in 1938. And yes, due to the passing of the Federal Gun Control Laws of 1968, it has constantly grown from a very thin book of laws to an orange book dating now to year 2005, of which I do believe that the federal laws state that there will be a published book updated periodically.

But the federal level has evidently chosen not to do so as of yet.

Internet you say? Well yes, that can happen for certain. But it can be here today, amended and gone tomorrow. Thereby we need a published book form periodically by the U.S. government, state government, county government and city government.

I do take this as an opportunity to say that Jesus Christ Himself possibly could not comply with all the legalese that has been compiled in just the control act of 1968. Yes, it is actually that convoluted.

So in acting on my own observations, experiences and opinions, I believe that this House Bill #2042 should be looked at far more than it apparently has at this point. I urge you to contact your congressman now. We do not need Kansas to become more of the mess that Gov. Brownback has left we Kansas residents in at this time, though I do know that you are attempting to address those problems right now and I do give great thanks for your noble intents on all of that mess, fully realizing that it cannot be resolved too quickly as it will take years to resolve all of this political pandering that has already occurred.


Garden City