As I was sitting in my apartment a few months back, I was thinking about the Christmas season and how much I, like everyone else, seem to get stressed this time of year, how we go broke buying gifts, standing in long lines at the store, and how Christmas seems to be the most debated and argued about holiday.

Why do we celebrate Christmas, this question is a topic of debate. So I randomly asked co-workers, friends, family and strangers “Why do we celebrate Christmas?” The responses I received were rather interesting and made me realize that Christmas has become the holiday of debate and arguments.

First of all, I would like to say does it really matter when Jesus was born? Most of the people I asked why we celebrate Christmas brought up the argument was he really born in December? I don’t know for sure when Jesus was born, could have been in the spring or the summer, it doesn’t matter, we celebrate his birth on Dec. 25 of each year.

As I wrote down what I was being told why we celebrate Christmas, I came to realize that we have gotten away from the true meaning of Christmas. I would like to share some of the responses I got when I asked why do we celebrate Christmas. Here are a few. We celebrate Christmas to get drunk with family and friends. To receive gifts and open presents and to get stuff. Christmas is just a holiday created by the Christians to convert other religions to Christianity. I had several shrug their shoulders and say I don’t know why we celebrate Christmas, and a few turned it back on me and said I don’t know, why do we celebrate Christmas?

The one answer I got a lot as well that irritates me is we celebrate Christmas to help those in need to set up food banks and bring in nonperishable items so we can help those in need. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to help those in need. My problem is why do we push food banks and helping those in need at Christmas time, shouldn’t we help those in need year-around and have food banks set up year-around as well?

I also had people tell me that we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whatever your reason is for celebrating Christmas or what your beliefs are, we do indeed celebrate Christmas as the birthdate of our savior Jesus Christ. It’s not about a fat man in a red suit, how many gifts we can get. So I would like to take this time and say Happy Birthday Jesus, my personal Lord and savior, the one and only true God.


Garden City