Ruth Wildrix

Ruth Wildrix passed away on Mother's Day May 10, 2020 in Garden City. Ruth was preceded in death by her father Merle Thrush, mother Hazel Thrush, sister, Reva Berridge, and husband Robert Wildrix. She leaves behind, five children and twelve grandchildren, as well as two honorary family members.

Ruth was born in Lake Orion, MI on January 17, 1928. Her mother was a very successful homemaker and entrepreneur, but Ruth was happier to be outdoors-helping her father with his dairy farm and horses. Because Ruth understood animals well from the time she was a young lady, helping with the dairy cattle was a fine option for her. Her mother wanted her to be a perfect homemaker-which she also was-but she really always just wanted to be around the animals. Since Ruth had such a love for horses and dogs, her father taught her the necessary skills of animal husbandry which had specific focus on the avoidance of cruelty to animals. Ruth carried this beautiful characteristic, tradition and training to treat animals with kindness with her for her entire life.

Ruth's passion for all animals blossomed for her in the late 80's as she began donating to a few dog rescue operations around the U.S. In the 90's she stepped up her support of various animal charities to more than a dozen and was a very steady contributor and fundraiser until she passed. Ruth made an amazing difference in the world for mostly dogs, saving them from being put down and giving them a second chance at life by being adopted. Ruth kept the scope of her generosity a closely guarded secret and was a very successful contributor.

Ruth had some very interesting jobs including rehabilitation of injured race horses in the 60's, she was a police dispatcher in the 70’s in Western Kansas, and then she worked 20 years as the controller for Wildrix Leasing in Ingalls. In 1972 Ruth and her family moved to Kansas where after a while she settled in and learned to love living in Kansas.

Ruth has been laid to rest at the Kansas Military Cemetery at Fort Dodge. Donations in her memory can be made to Wounded Warriers.