Deborah Jeanette Davis was born June 18, 1960, in Pierceville to Floyd and Shirley Davis.

She is survived by her brother, Dennis; son, Christopher, daughter, Cassi, and granddaughters, Anna Ray and Cam.

An ode to my sweet Deb, by partner David Tabor:

She left this Earthly Visit on Oct. 30, 2019, at age 59.

She is an Authentic Lover of Life and Adventure. A modern day Hippie/Bohemian. She is a True Blossoming Flower of the Earth, enriched by the Earth but in turn enriching back. Nature's Woman of Strength and Beauty. Sometimes demanding but always Fair and Uncompromising of her Ideas, like that of Mother Nature.

She is Scandinavian by her DNA ancestry, always making her Headstrong and Physically Strong. A True Viking Warrior! She is Nature's Goddess of the Seas and Oceans!

She loves the waters of the Caribbean and the Islands surrounded by the Southern Oceans. Always reaching for the shallows and the depths experiencing the Calmness and the Serenity below the waters. The Beaches are her Landscape with the mineral waters and the colorful life below. The Oceans are her Natural Calling which made her the Goddess of the Oceans believing she is part of the ocean (which she is).

May she forever soak in the Salt of the Ocean where she finds Joy and Healing!

Music is the Chord of her Soul absorbing the vibration and constant soothing of the Spirit. She always said I was her Magnet and she was my Steel. Bonded Forever in Strength and Love! A TRUE Attraction!!!

She rode a horse named "Wildfire" (song by Michael Martin Murphey) on her Earthly visit but will be riding her horse into the Still of the Universe into a more Gracious and Beautiful World!

"Baby I Need Your Loving" (song by Johnny Rivers) was her Mantra, Always Reminding me ... We will Always Remember You in the Mornings, in the Nights, when we look at the Stars, a Place, a Song, a Smell, you will always be With Me! Always know how much you are LOVED...