USD 457 moving to Level 5 on Monday

Garden City Public Schools has increased the operation level of the district to Level 5 Protective Measures, from the district operational plan, with some schools operating at a Level 6 remote learning.  The protective level will start on Monday, Nov. 9 and the district will stay at the elevated level of the operational plan until Nov. 30.

Monday will be Day B (last name M-Z attending school) and Tuesday will be Day A (last name A-L attending school) using the (A/B) calendar.

The data shows that there is continued elevated COVID numbers in the community, which poses a significant safety concern for the staff and students in the district.  Due to the continued elevated numbers in the community the district will operate at a higher level of protective measures.

Operation Level 5 is Hybrid Learning that helps to ensure total social distancing with only half of the student population allowed on-site at a time.  The other half of the students will be remote with alternating days using the (A/B) calendar.

Enhanced protective measures include: daily symptomatic screening by teachers; masks required; hourly hand sanitizing; school libraries closed; no indoor physical education, unless with same classroom group or social distancing can be maintained; desks/tables must be spaced six (6) feet apart; no large group activities: concerts, assemblies, family engagement nights; school playground equipment closed; before and after school academic-focused clubs or activities allowed with social distancing and masks required (Ex. Sign choir, robotics, etc.); and modified lunch schedules.

This action will provide the district the opportunity to operate classrooms safely and effectively at the schools. The district will look at returning to a lower level only if it is safe to do so.

Three Garden City schools have moved to remote learning this week as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise.

Victor Ornelas Elementary School moved to Level 6 on Thursday, being closed to on-site classes and moving strictly to remote learning.

Charles Stones Intermediate Center is moving to Level 6 as of Monday with remote learning only and no on-site classes.

Alta Brown Elementary School will move to Level 6 on Monday, being closed to on-site classes and moving strictly to remote learning.

The decision was made by the district due to several positive COVID-19 cases within the schools and the temporary lack of available staff necessary to operate classrooms safely and effectively at the schools.

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