Finney County will fully reopen on June 8.

The Finney County Commission voted unanimously to remain in Phase 1.5 until June 8, upon which time the county will reopen fully with no restrictions, during a special commission meeting Friday.

Robert Reece, Finney County administrator, said the peak positivity rate for COVID-19 testing for the county so far was 62% on May 1.

They are starting to see the number of positive cases go down, Reece said, but there is still an approximate 40%-42% positive rate.

“Data the county has on returned results from testing is through May 22,” he said. “We see those numbers declining and the numbers of tests declining. No assumptions (have been) made on the reasons why.”

Colleen Drees, Finney County Health Department director, said the health department has been typically conducting anywhere from 30 to 50 COVID-19 tests per day, but right now they’re testing closer to 30 to 40 tests per day.

“We're expecting and have been expecting that with opening back up that there would be increased exposures and an increase in testing,” she said. “We're still waiting to see if that's going to happen.”

Commissioner Dave Jones said now it’s up to local businesses to follow figure out how to reopen safely by reviewing the Reopen Guide assembled by the Finney County Economic Development Corporation, Finney County Area Chamber of Commerce, Finney County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and Downtown Vision.

“We need to remind folks that even though they're coming out from under the restrictions of closures and lock-downs and so on, that that document still offers a whole lot of real good advice on how to open safely,” he said.