June 1 is the deadline for both filing party changes and filing for candidacy to run for office for the Aug. 4 primary election in Finney County.

Dori Munyan, Finney County Clerk and Election Officer, said the party filing deadline is important because after June 1 they can’t change parties.

However, if unaffiliated, a person can affiliate at any time.

“If you are a Republican as of June 1 you cannot change between June 1 and election time, so you would get a Republican ballot, same for Democrat,” she said. “Then anybody who's unaffiliated can of course affiliate with a party any time from now until, and even on, election day and be able to vote.”

July 14 is the next deadline, Munyan said. It’s the last day to register to vote.

“So if you're not currently registered or if you've moved and need to update your registration, the last day to do that is July 14,” she said.

Beginning on July 15 the county will begin mailing out advanced ballots by mail. Those applications can be turned in anytime for the August primary until July 28.

Between then, voters can fill out the applications for the advanced ballots at the Finney County Election Office, Munyan said.

“They do need to make sure that they're affiliated with a party before they turn in that application for an advanced ballot for the primary, because we have to know which ballot to send them,” she said.

On July 16, in-person advance voting will begin at the Finney County Election Office, Munyan said. Any registered voter can come in and vote between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.

A couple evening and a Saturday in-person advance voting will be scheduled in the future.

On the ballot for the primary for county offices are Finney County Clerk, Commissioner District 2, Commissioner District 3, County Attorney, Register of Deeds, Finney County Sheriff and Finney County Treasurer.

Three races are contested: Commissioner District 3, Register of Deeds and sheriff.

Candidates for Commissioner District 3 are current Commissioner Duane Drees and Nick Doll.

Register of Deeds candidates are Cori Smith and Vonda Finley.

Sheriff candidates are current Sheriff Kevin Bascue and Jerry Quint.

Harold D. Jones is the only Commissioner District 2 candidate, Trista Irsik-Joyce is the only candidate for County Treasurer and Munyan is the only candidate for County Clerk.

Additionally, there are township elections for treasurers and trustees. The townships are Garfield, Garden City, Ivanhoe, Pierceville, Pleasant Valley, Sherlock and Terry.

Dan Wehkamp is running for the Garfield Township Treasurer, Patsy Fort is running for Jennie Barker 122-1 Township Treasurer, Matthew Jones is running for Sherlock Township Treasurer and Betsy Ann Roberts is running for Pleasant Valley Township Trustee.

Kansas Senate for District 39 has a contested race between Lon Pishny and John Doll. Pishny is current District 1 County Commissioner and John Doll is the current District 39 senator.

In the Kansas House, Rep. Leonard Mastroni, R-LaCrosse, is running for reelection for District 117; Rep. J. Russel Jennings, R-Lakin, is running for reelection for District 122; and Rep. John P. Wheeler Jr., R-Garden City, is running for reelection for District 123.

Also up for election is the U.S. House of Representatives.

House District 1 Republican candidates are Bill Clifford, Jerry Molstad and Michael Soetaert.

House District 1 Democrat candidates are Kali Barnett and Christy Cauble Davis.

Senate Republican candidates are Roger Marshall, Bob Hamilton, Brian Matlock, Steve Roberts and Gabriel Mark Robles.

Senate Democrat candidates are Barbara Bollier and Robert Leon Tillman.