Southwestern Kansas experienced rain, hail and landspouts during a bout of severe thunderstorms Thursday night.

Matt Gerard, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Dodge City said the storms developed Thursday afternoon just across the state line in Colorado in the Holly area.

“It developed and got pretty strong around Coolidge and the storm moved southeast from there to between Lakin and Ulysses,” he said. “It was a fairly strong storm with a lot of rotation in it and there were some brief funnel clouds reported, nothing that produced any damage though.”

The storms also produced landspouts, Gerard said. There was a boundary extending from Tribune to the Syracuse area.

“West of Syracuse there were some other boundaries, but they were in place before the storms truly got going,” he said.

The first landspout report was in the Tribune area, Gerard said. Around 4:15 p.m., about 9 miles northeast of Coolidge, there was a report of twin landspouts developing.

Gerard said there were numerous reports of hail and several reports or large hail around 2 inches in diameter or larger.

Around Coolidge, there were reports of hail of at least 2 inches and bigger around Kendall, with a report of hail as big as 2.75 inches.

There were reports of hail about 2.5 inches in diameter about 9 miles south of Sublette. There were numerous reports of smaller hail, between 1-inch to 1.75-inch hail.

Brooke Kuder, dispatch supervisor with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, said as of 11:25 a.m. they had no reports of hail damage.

“I’m sure there probably are reports, but we haven’t gotten anything officially yet,” she said.

The storms also produced some localized heavy rain, Gerard said. The largest precipitation amount was 3 inches, about 7 miles north northwest of Sublette.

The Garden City area received varied amounts around the city and surrounding area, Gerard said. There was anywhere from 0.25 inch to nearly 1 inch, with heavier amounts north of town from 0.75 inch to 1 inch.

Scott City had reports of as much as 0.66 inch up to 1 inch of rain.

Dodge City reported about 0.79 inch of rain at the airport to 0.70 around the city and possibly 2 inches north of town.

Ulysses got around 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches of rain, while Syracruse received anywhere from 1 inch to 1.25 inches of rain.

Gerard said the Lakin area is where the heavier rain fell. About 5 miles south of town, there were reports of 1 inch to 2 inches of rain and 9 miles south there was up to 2.02 inches.

The heaviest rain fell in parts of Kearny County where there were reports of up to 2.15 inches west and north of Kendall.