Former Lt. Gov. Tracey Mann hopes to represent Kansas’ 1st District in Congress next year. Mann grew up feeding cattle and harvesting wheat on his family farm in western Kansas.

Armed with a degree in agricultural economics from Kansas State University and a career in both politics and real estate, Mann said he feels prepared to represent one of the largest congressional districts in the nation.

The current representative of the 1st Congressional District is Roger Marshall (R), who has entered the race for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Pat Roberts.

Other candidates in the Republican primary for the Big First district include Bill Clifford and Troy Waymaster. Democratic primary candidates include Kali Barnett, Christy Davis and Brandon Williams.

Because of COVID-19 limitations, Mann is conducting a media tour throughout the district. On May 13, he spoke with Reno County Farm Bureau Association President Cameron Peirce in Hutchinson.

The Reno County Farm Bureau, along with other county farm bureaus throughout Kansas, recommended Mann be the endorsed candidate for Congress in District 1. Mann said he is pleased with KFB’s endorsement.

Mann wants to represent rural Kansas, including the state’s farmers. Having showed steer as a kid, served as president of FFA in high school and tended cattle and grains while growing up in Quinter, Mann said he understands farmers, ranchers and the rural lifestyle.

“I remember growing up and believing that America was exceptional,” Mann said. “I want to be on the agriculture committee in Washington, D.C., and stand up for Kansas values.”

Mann said because the industry (farming and ranching) has changed so much and profit margins have dwindled, many farms have become larger. He said we need to foster markets for Kansas agricultural products, including exports.

According to Mann, if farmers and ranchers succeed, so will rural America.

“When prices (commodity) are higher, you have more money to spend at the hardware store, at the grocery store,” he said. “We have to have a climate that has low regulation and is not legally burdensome.”

Mann said it’s imperative Kansas has an industry that’s strong and does well so farmers and ranchers are supported.

“We have to have a climate that has low regulation and is not legally burdensome,” Mann said. “Farming is not just a profession, it’s a way of life and a system of values. I’m pro-life, pro-agriculture, pro-gun and pro-Trump.”