The Garden City Community College Board of Trustees approved the submission of an application to the Kansas Department of Commerce for a tax credit grant at Tuesday’s board meeting.

If approved, the program would allow GCCC to sell tax credits toward the purchase of up to three Anatomage tables that can be shared with 10 to 12 rural high schools with populations under 15,000, said GCCC president Ryan Ruda.

Anatomage tables provide 3D, high-resolution mapping of the human body and are generally more precise than traditional cadaver labs.

Ruda said the tables allow students to have a more “hands-on” learning environment, being able to engage in digital dissections and rotate complex anatomical structures.

“It allows them to be able to have an interactive application similar to being able to have a cadaver, but you're able to actually get some hands-on experience and do dissections on these tables,” he said. “There's a lot of hands-on application that we have that you can use in health sciences, you can use in really being able to expand a lot of the career-orientation aspects of STEM.”

Once purchase, the mobile tables would be loaned out to area high schools, Ruda said.

“Garden City Community College would be the owner of these tables but we would loan them out to the high schools on a rotating basis throughout the year,” he said. “We would transport them to the 10 to 12 high schools that we have that we are partnering with on this grant and they would just coordinate through us as far as when they would want the tables and we would be able to work with them.”