Garden City Arts is not letting the stay-at-home order stop them from bringing creative outlets to area residents.

While the gallery is closed, Garden City Arts is still active via the internet with online programming.

Katy Guthrie, Garden City Arts executive director, said it’s important the people have something fun to do at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, so they adapted several of their programs.

“We know the need for creative outlets is still there, prominent in everyone’s lives and we are doing our best to continue our programming, just in a virtual format,” she said.

Some of the programs they adapted for the internet include Working Creatives and instead Drop-By Art Saturday, which is a spin off of Drop-In Art Saturday.

Guthrie said Working Creatives gives a platform for artists who share their work and connect with the community via video interviews where they share a bit about their art and studio, etc.

Drop-By Art Saturday is where instead of people stopping in at the gallery to create something people stop by the gallery, pick up a bag of art supplies outside and then go back home.

This program is aimed more at children, Guthrie said, and most of the time there is enough art supplies in the bag for at least two people.

People can come pick up the bags beginning at 10 a.m. It runs until 3 p.m. or they run out of bags.

So far they’ve run out of bags every Saturday, Guthrie said. This past weekend they had 144 bags, this weekend they will have 150.

In total there are seven art programs, two are for children, two are for families, two are for adults and one is for everyone.

The programs for children are Scavenger Art and Facebook Live Art - Kids Art.

Guthrie said both children’s programs are video art tutorials. The difference is Scavenger Art utilizes everyday things that can be found at home and Facebook Live Art “is a more traditional art class that doesn’t rely on household items, but regular art supplies.”

The programs for families are Drop-By Art Saturday and Creative Together, which is where Garden City Arts suggests a creative activity that families can do together.

The adult aimed programs are Working Creatives and Paper & Paint.

Paper & Paint is a series of workshops that build upon each other, Guthrie said.

“We’re teaching different print making techniques that people can do at home and then using our prints to create collages and books,” she said.

The program for everyone is called Show Off, where each Friday the gallery posts on its Facebook page a new art challenge for the week. Then they are encouraged to email a photo of their artwork to Garden City Arts. The art will then be featured on the Facebook page the following Friday along with a new prompt.

Guthrie said they’ve had a great response to the programming from the community.

“It’s hard to tell really what kind of response we’ve had other than looking at the views on our social media platform, but based on those views they’ve skyrocketed on our Facebook page since the stay-at-home order went into place,” she said. “I believe ti’s making an impact on the community.”

For more information on Garden City Arts’ programming go to and their Facebook page,