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PRATT — As COVID-19 pandemic reports show empty grocery store shelves, two Pratt women have chosen to help others in need by making and sharing extra food.

Maria Garcia, a Pratt resident, said that she originally posted on a Facebook page called “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” an offer to make tortillas for anyone in need of food.

Garcia said if people are able to bring bags of flour to leave on her porch, she can make about 60 tortillas out of each 5-pound bag of flour and any extra flour could go toward helping those who cannot afford to bring it.

If someone is not able to provide the flour, she said they are still welcome to reach out to her.

“I was born in Mexico. I was from a family that was really poor and at times. We didn’t have anything to eat, and I know there’s a lot of people that are losing their jobs,” Garcia said. “I know not everybody has, you know, the essentials.”

Garcia seals her homemade tortillas in plastic bags and gives containers of beans with them, if people are in need.

“Every other day, I make four or five dozen tortillas and put them in the freezer — that way I can have them ready if (people) start asking,” Garcia said. “I make some tortillas, put them in the freezer and then when we’re ready to use them, we just get them out, let them thaw out a little bit and they’re ready.”

Garcia said her tortillas stay soft even after being kept in the freezer and saved for later.

“If they don’t have the flour or things like that, tell them not to worry, just get in touch,” Garcia said. “These tortillas, you warm them up and you can scramble an egg and make a burrito, you can fry some potatoes and make it a burrito. It’s just like bread except it’s a tortilla.”

Garcia said that as a diabetic, she has had to stay in her house for the past month so cooking has helped to get her mind off the situation. She has given tortillas to five people so far and gave both beans and tortillas to another person.

“I feel bad when people don’t take this seriously because it is serious,” Garcia said. “We don’t know how long we’re going to be like this. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get a vaccine, and we are in the unknown.”