Zoo offers virtual content while closed

Lee Richardson Zoo is offering virtual content that allows viewers to learn more about, and stay in touch with, their favorite zoo residents.  Content is already available on the zoo’s Facebook page and website.

Production of more material is underway with additional offerings available later this week, and each week following while the zoo campus is temporarily closed. 

Staff efforts will result in new programs each week available through a variety of platforms.  ‘Conservation/Nature Activities/Crafts at Home’ will be available on the zoo’s Facebook page and website.  The zoo will also share Animal Highlight videos sharing animal birthdays and other happenings as they occur.  Staff are also working on Keeper Chat presentations and other ideas to distribute.

The zoo is also beginning a Zoo Pals program.  Submit a letter to your favorite zoo animal “pal” by mail to Lee Richardson Zoo – Zoo Pals, 312 Finnup Drive, Garden City, KS 67846, or by email to zoo.education@gardencityks.us   Staff will read and answer the letter with some responses being shared on social media.