Numbers stay same for Finney County

The Finney County Health Department provided a news release on Wednesday stating the number of positive COVID-19 cases remains at 11, after doubling over the weekend, and that there are no confirmed deaths at this time.

According to the release, Finney County is not considered a community spread region at this time. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment defines community spread as five cases of unrelated origin or connection, and Finney County does not meet the criteria.

FCHD says in the release it has been able to track the sources of all positive cases and has concluded they are the result of travel to infected areas in and out of state.

“Each individual needs to do their best to protect their health and the health of our community by closely following the stay-at-home order, and taking appropriate social distancing and sanitizations precautions when going out for essential reasons even if you do not have symptoms of COVID-19,” Maggie Unruh, FCHD community health educator states in the release. “We need everyone to commit to the home quarantine if they are confirmed positive. All recommendations and resources on these actions are on the Finney County Health Department webpage and Facebook page. “

The health department said it will be having a weekly release or as further needed with significant developments. It is releasing additional local information about the positive cases to remain consistent with what the KDHE is reporting. Those numbers can be found daily at

Other parts of southwest Kansas are beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19 as well, as Ford County had two reported cases and Stevens County had one reported positive case. Scott, Morton and Seward counties each reported their first confirmed positive cases earlier this week, and as of Wednesday, there were three cases in Seward County.

The state of Kansas had a total of 1,046 positive confirmed cases and 38 deaths as of Wednesday.