City Link closes fixed routes

Fixed routes for the City Link bus service have been closed.

Rhonda Everett, Finney County Public Transportation director, said while the fixed routes are closed, City Link and the para-transit/mini-buses will continue to meet the need for public transportation by offering demand response routes where people can call and schedule a ride 24 hours in advance.

However, they are restricting transportation to essential travel only, Everett said. They must be either work related, for medical reasons or for food.

Additionally, at the request of the Finney County Health Department, all riders will be screened with two questions before their ride: do they have a fever and have they been coughing.

"We will run these services, unless there are major changes, for the next two weeks and revisit them on April 1 to either continue the service or to readjust services," Everett said.

The building will be closed to the public and communication will take place by telephone.

Hours of operation will remain the same, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., provided they have healthy drivers, Everett said.

The phone number to schedule a ride is 620-272-3626.

Posters will be put up at all of the fixed route locations with the phone number.

Other businesses:

The Garden City Telegram has temporarily closed its office to the public as a precautionary measure and out of concern for the staff, their families and the community.

The newspaper will continue to evaluate the situation as it evolves and make adjustments accordingly. Check the newspaper for updates. In the meantime:

• Payments may be dropped in the green dropbox located in the driveway to the left of the building.

• To place an ad, call 620-521-1100 or email

• For the newsroom, please call 620-276-6862, ext. 235, or email

• For circulation questions call 629-276-6862, ext. 214, or email

• For business questions, call 620-276-6862, ext. 210, or email

All services out of the City of Garden City Administrative Center remain operational, but from March 19 to April 6, the building will be closed to walk-in traffic.

Staff will deliver services using phone, video conference, online, drive-thru and drop-off methods.

There will be some scheduling of appointments for services that cannot otherwise be handled through these methods.

Update: A previous version of the article said the para-transit/mini-buses were closing their fixed routes, that is incorrect, they will continue running as usual.

Also, the phone number to call and schedule a ride was incorrect. The correct number is 620-272-3626.