25th Judicial District limits in-person court appearances

As the risk level in Kansas escalates, public health professionals advise that everyone should minimize gathering in large groups to prevent the spread of the COVID‐19 coronavirus. Public schools, churches, and other venues where individuals gather are taking steps to assist with containment and the courts of the 25th Judicial District are taking measures to protect the communities and staff from potential exposure to the virus.

Chief Judge Robert Frederick ordered COVID‐19 pandemic precautions taken across the 25TH Judicial District Tuesday by issuing Administrative Order 20‐07, effective immediately.

In the order, only emergency situations in specific case types will be handled by the courts of the 25th Judicial District. All other matters, including jury trials, are continued until June 1, 2020.

Emergency situations that will be handled include:

- First appearances for new arrests on criminal charges and arrests on outstanding warrants.

- Requests for Protection from Abuse and Protection from Stalking and related review hearings.

- Placement of children taken into police custody or review of emergency child placement cases.

- Juvenile offender detention hearings and reviews.

- Requests for emergency commitments in mental health or substance abuse cases.

The courts and offices of the 25th Judicial District in Finney, Greeley, Hamilton, Kearny, Scott, and Wichita counties will remain open at this time time as prescribed by state law and courthouse staff and judges are available to assist community members with questions or concerns.

However, the public is asked to conduct their business by phone if possible and to avoid coming to the courthouse unless they are required to appear in one of the cases mentioned above.

Phone numbers for the District Court Clerk’s offices are:

Finney County District Court Clerk (620) 271‐6120.

Greeley County District Court Clerk (620) 376‐4292.

Hamilton County District Court Clerk (620) 384‐5159.

Kearny County District Court Clerk (620) 271‐6254.

Scott County District Court Clerk (620) 872‐7208.

Wichita County District Court Clerk (620) 260‐2561.

All probation appointments will be handled by phone. Anyone assigned to probation supervision with Court Services should call their Court Services Officer at (620) 271‐6150 for further instructions.

The 25th Judicial District is actively seeking to balance its responsibilities with the interests of public health in this challenging situation. It will continue to proactively explore and implement all reasonable methods to temporarily alter practices in the interest of minimized risk while still attending to the courts’ core responsibilities. It seeks the cooperation and patience of the public as these changes are implemented.