To help reduce the impact of common illnesses, all Midwest Health communities have several existing processes in place. With the appearance of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, we have reviewed existing protocols with all staff members and enhanced them in accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our national association, the American Health Care Association (AHCA). Below is a list of the precautions each Midwest Health community is taking based on these current recommendations.

For outside guests, each community is enforcing the following:

• All non-essential visits by visitors are requested to be rescheduled and it is encouraged that guests contact their loved ones via phone or other medium. A temporary visitor’s policy in accordance with the American Health Care Association recommendation is posted on the front door of each community.

• Any guests who enter our community must check-in at the front desk and be prepared to undergo screening for the health and safety of our residents.

• Non-essential visits from community vendors and partners are being cancelled until further notice.

In addition to the visitor’s policies, each facility is taking the following precautions:

• All community staff members have received extensive training on hand washing and hand sanitizing. Signage is also posted throughout the community to remind staff members of this policy.

• Community staff members have been instructed to contact their supervisor immediately should any resident’s experience flu-like symptoms or if they, themselves feel such symptoms.

• Additional community cleaning protocols are in place. This includes regularly disinfecting areas of increased usage such as hallway handrails, hydration stations, and doorknobs as well as common area items like TV remotes and game pieces.

• Leadership members are also attending planning meetings related to infection control.

For further information, contact the center’s director, Tim White, at 620-272-9800 or