Finney County Commission discusses funding shortfall with the TP&L/Farmland Road Project.

Estimated cost for the TP&L/Farmland Road Project has increased, leaving the project with a funding shortfall.

An update on the project was given at Monday’s Finney County Commission meeting.

Interim county administrator Robert Reece said the project initially came in at right around $2.4 million. It is now just over $2.9 million, leaving the project with an approximate $525,000 shortfall.

“We’re now in the process of trying to fill that gap,” he said.

County engineer John Ellermann said the increased cost comes from road paving material decisions, ditch work and inflation due to waiting three, four years to bid the project.

Reece said the county has been informed by KDOT that if it wants the project to happen and to receive the funds, $1.5 million from the state, the project needs to go out for bid by June.

“We need to bid in June or that money we could potentially lose to a different project by the state,” he said.

Ellermann said the holdup in bidding the project right now is the purchase of right of way. Once that is complete the plan has to be approved by the KDOT and then it can go out for bid. Additionally, there is a 30-day advertising requirement for the bid.

Reece said figuring out where to get the additional funds needs to be done by the end of April to put put the project out for bid in June.

In other business:

Register of Deeds Uli Lappin gave notice that she and her deputy register of deeds will not seek re-election.

A bid for the GIS 2020 aerial project was approved for $57,515 for 3-inch pixel resolution for 131 square miles by Access Geographic. The county has previously worked with the company.

A CM-A sand gravel bid was approved for $201,075 by Huber Sand for asphalt sealing.