Garden City High School’s bi-annual Snacks and Apps event puts all of the college scholarship applications, counselors and resources in one place.

The event took place Thursday.

Emily Hamlin, GCHS counselor, said the event has been going on twice every school year for the past four years.

The idea came to light after fellow GCHS counselor KaeLee Armstrong heard about the concept of Snacks and Apps from a podcast or blog.

Having a scholarship workshop where everything is in once place, plus enticing students with food, has worked, Hamlin said.

“We found that giving students a concentrated amount of time to come in and work, have access to all the counselors, computers, highlighters even, is very advantageous,” she said.

Armstrong agrees.

“Some kids don’t feel comfortable filling them out themselves, so knowing there's people here to help them if they have questions I think is one of the most important things,” she said.

The scheduled time also allows for students to fill applications out together.

“Since school is not in session, they can come with their friends and they might feel more comfortable and we entice them with snacks and drinks, that's always helpful,” she said.

Enyli Alvardo said she came to the event because she needs money for college, and hopefully, applying for scholarships can help.

“I’m trying to help (my parents) help me get a better education than they had,” she said. “(College) is expensive.”

Alvardo said she was applying for as many scholarships as she could. She began filling them out last year when she was a junior.

“Anything to help,” she said.

Alvardo is attending Fort Hays State University in the fall and plans on studying Science Education and Athletic Training.

Ethan Fisher is also filling out scholarships because of how expensive college can be.

“I’m going to be a student athlete, but I won’t really have much time to get a job while I’m there to help pay (college) off,” he said.

Fisher will also be attending Fort Hays State, where he has an athletic scholarship for cross country and track.

He plans on studying Engineering Design Technology.

Alvardo said what she enjoys about the Snacks and Apps event is that it puts everything in one place.

“It’s been kind of beneficial to me just so I know what's there and when the deadlines actually are and just like actually doing them before the deadline,” she said.

Joel Resendiz agrees. He attended the event because of how it brought everything together.

“It seemed like the best place to see what (scholarships) there are,” he said.

Resendiz will attend Garden City Community College in the fall, and eventually plans to go into the bio-tech or bio-medical field.

Hamlin said what she likes most about Snacks and Apps is the outcome.

Hamlin is a 2000 GCHS graduate, and after teaching there for the past five years and seeing the event begin, she’s seen it expand to help a lot of students. She’s in charge of senior awards, where in May the scholarships are released to students.

“My first year here we did not have Snacks and Apps, there were probably only 23 kids that got awards ... and last May we had over 156 kids recognized,” she said. “So just that growth, that availability. I love being able to tell parents about this, because paying for college is no joke, it's stressful. That's what I like about this.”