City commission approves task order for aquatics facility design

The Garden City Commission approved an order for the design and pre-construction phase and the procurement option for construction services for the new Garden City Aquatics Facility at the commission’s regular monthly meeting Tuesday.

The order, known as “Task Order No. 2,” is a sequence of events for developing the design plans, probable construction costs, technical specifications and a method of procuring construction services.

Terry Berkbuegler, of Confluence Inc., the city’s architectural contractor, said approving the task order and choosing a procurement method is tied closely to keeping construction and completion on schedule.

The goal is to start construction as soon as the coming swim season is over and to have the new facility open by the opening of the 2021 swim season, Berkbuegler said.

The approval of the task order allows that schedule, Berkbuegler said.

“Any one-week, two-week drag and 'Well we're not sure,' that is where we run into concern about meeting that delivery date of May of 2021,” he said. “When we say it's doable, it's doable as long as we keep on track.”

The additional approval of the procurement method, while it allows the schedule, also helps with cost control, Berkbuegler said.

The commission chose a construction manager at risk procurement method.

Berkbuegler said that method is helpful in that it allows the city to get real-time cost feedback.

“The benefit of having them on board to do estimating early is they actually put it out into the marketplace to get pricing,” he said. “We're basing our estimating off of historic data we have, but they're actually reaching out to their trusted sub-contractors to get pricing and suppliers.”