Wessel named superintendent

LANSING  — The interim superintendent of Lansing public schools soon will be able to drop “interim” from his title.

The Lansing Board of Education has selected Dan Wessel to serve as the school district’s superintendent.

“It’s exciting to continue leading the community that has given a lot to me and I look forward to giving back,” he said.

Wessel has been serving as the interim superintendent since July following the resignation of former Superintendent Darrel Stufflebeam.

Wessel said the school board approved a two-year contract for him as the new superintendent. The new contract will go into effect in July.

Board members selected Wessel for the position after interviewing him and four other candidates.


Harvey County positive review for 2019

NEWTON — Finance director Dan Bronson delivered good news to Harvey County commissioners this past week in his year-end assessment for 2019.

The county remains in a stable position at the start of the new year, Bronson said.

Revenues and expenditures didn’t change much from 2018 to 2019, with the former staying relatively similar in terms of both total revenue and the breakdown of areas where revenue was collected, though Bronson said changes were made that helped with collection of real estate taxes. While expenditures were up 6% in 2019, Bronson said that was done intentionally as the county tried to spend down funds.

As in years past, where the county’s money was spent was mostly unchanged and fell in line with the county’s strategic goals: 55% on public safety, 31% on general government, 6% on health and welfare, 6% on culture and recreation, and 2% on community development. Bronson said that will remain the case as the county commission gets ready to start budget planning for 2021.